Question Editing Database
Version 1.40


QED, or Question Editing Database, is a full-featured quizbowl question management program designed to allow users secure access to a question database. It allows users to input and edit questions, and collects them to be compiled into packets.


If you would like to try out QED, you can use the form below to create a username in an open demonstration copy of QED. A user will be created with administrator privileges to allow complete access to its features. If you have already registered a username on this demo, instead of using the form below, you should simply proceed to the demo itself.

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User Manual

Full instructions (fuller than necessary, in fact) for running QED can be found in the online user manual. Any additional help can be requested from Carlo Angiuli at carlo@aegisquestions.com.


You can download the latest version of QED for yourself right here. However, it might be easier to follow the installation instructions in the user manual and wget the file directly to your server, because you cannot use this file on your home computer.

QED Version 1.40

You are welcome to install and use QED yourself. (We would be glad to hear about it if so.) Referring to the User Manual for installation directions is strongly suggested. If you do not have a server and database to run QED yourself, contact us and we will provide you with an online copy for your exclusive use on aegisquestions.com.


QED is developed by Carlo Angiuli, and does not reflect upon the Aegis Questions organization. Any questions, comments, bug reports, requests for features, or spam should be directed to Carlo.